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  1. Anatidaefobie - Exhibition Parallel#4


    Collaborative art project and residency.

    Initiated and supervised by Parallel, Greylight Projects and Roy Vastenburg

    Artists: Fran Hoebergen, Krista Smulders, Roy Vastenburg, Yaël Wolfs.

    Curated by Marjolein van der Loo


    Anatidaefobie - An unusual musical


    Thanks to the theatrical supervision and stage directing of Nina Hannah Willems and the facilities of Poppodium Nieuwe Nor.


    Anatidaefobie - The Roadtrip 


    Video, 9:07 min


    Anatidaefobie - The Main Movie (Birds drinking coffee in front of the former city hall of Hoensbroek)


    ±20 min video loop


    Photo's by Ties van Dijk